Fix All Extreme

Hybrid polymer bonding adhesive Extreme duty, high strength adhesive with ULTIMATE initial grab (>400kg/m²). Based on SMX Polymer Technology, X-treme Power provides incredible bond strength and primerless adhesion on most construction materials, including wet and damp surfaces.

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For all bonding applications where initial grab and final bond strength is extremely critical.
Extreme duty bonding in all weather conditions, on all common building materials.
Suitable for bonding porous and non-porous surfaces (i.e. natural stone).
When applying Fix All X-treme Power you don't need to give support.
Simply apply and press firmly to activate the incredible grab strength!


Apply the adhesive with a caulking gun onto one surface in beads or dabs (every 15 cm). Always apply adhesive to the edges and corners of panels. Press the surfaces together and press firmly or batten down with a rubber hammer. The bond can be fully loaded after 24-48 hours.