Surface Activator

Degreaser and adhesion promoter.  Surface Activator is a degreaser and adhesion promoter.

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500 ml alu tin

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Product Applications

Re-seal immediately after use of Surface Activator.
Long-term air contact reduces the working of Surface
Activator. Close the packaging well after use (contact
with air could reduce the effectiveness of the product).
Never pour back used remains of Surface Activator into
the packaging. After opening the package Surface
Activator must be applied within a few days. Long term
exposure to air reduces the action of Surface Activator
The adhesive needs to be applied within 8 hours after
application of Surface Activator.
Application method: Apply Surface Activator with a cloth
soaked in product. Always work with a clean cloth to
avoid contamination of the surface. Replace if necessary.
Always wipe in one direction. After cleaning the surface
let dry sufficiently before applying the kit.