Butyrub is a high quality, permanent plastic one-component sealant based on polybutene. Butyrub is a non setting sealant which forms an elastic and watertight skin.

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Packaging Size

Cartridge, 400 ml, Sausage: 400 ml / 600 ml, Drum: 30 kg

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Product Applications

Joints with limited movement (max. 5%).
Sealant for joints in masonry, door- and window frames, windowsills
Installation of single glass in wooden, concrete and steel window frames like in greenhouses.
Sealing of joints in coachwork and container construction.
Sealing of all openings in roof constructions.
Repairing and renovation of roofs and gutters.


Apply using a manual or pnuematic caulking gun. Can be painted after 24hrs; the paint should be sufficiently elastic to be applied on a elasto-plastic sealant.