Soudabond Easy Gun

Ready-to-use, single component, self-expanding polyurethane adhesive. Soudabond Gun easy is a ready-to-use, single-component, self-expanding polyurethane adhesive for clean, efficient, and economical permanent bonding of insulation panels and plasterboard in building and construction. With a combination of a special formulation and the Soudal Mega Adapter, the yield is increased and the yield of cured foam has almost no expansion after extrusion.  

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Aerosol Can: 750 ml

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Product Applications

Clean, efficient, and economical permanent bondingof insulation panels.
Suitable for bonding polystyrene (EPS + XPS),polyurethane (PUR/PIR), and phenol resinfoam-based insulation panels for flat roofs, perime-ters, facades, insulation/drain elements, cellarceilings, internal insulation, etc
Suitable for bonding gypsum plasterboard/gypsumfiberboard in dry lining applications
Suitable for bonding non-load bearing walls, e.g.,partition walls, screen walls, cellar bars, stoneshelves, etc., of concrete precision blocks. (aeratedconcrete, sand-lime brick, gypsum, hollow bricks...)
Fills cavities between individual thermal insulationpanels