Soudagum Hydro

Soudagum Hydro is a one-component, solvent free water proofing product for horizontal and vertical surfaces

Available Colors


Packaging Size

Bucket 5kg/10kg

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Product Applications

Waterproofing of skylights, dome lights, pipe collars, wall breakthroughs, …
Waterproofing of cracks in roofs and walls
Waterproofing of indoor and outdoor joints
Waterproof layer under concrete roofs, terrain tile and wooden terraces
Repair of metal and plastic roof gutters and drainage
Repair and renovation of rooftops (pans, slats, zinc), roof edges and chimney flashings
Treatment of lead and zinc corrosion
For protection and renovation of wood constructions such as verandas, terraces, garden poles, underground garden wood…
Sealing of flower boxes and the outside of fountains and water ornaments
Sealing of the outside underground foundations, ellars and masonry
Short term emergency repair for leaks, even during rain
Not recommended for application which are permanently immersed in water.